Reusable paint remover solution

This solution is used to remove paint and coating materials from metals or mechanical parts. The advantage of this solution is that unlike other similar samples that dissolve the color in itself, this solution separates the color from the surface and can be used many times. This advantage is economical for the consumer.

This solution has the ability to remove thick layers of paint, even baked and baked paints, without damaging metal surfaces (rust). The working temperature of this material is 80-85 degrees Celsius.


  • The ability to remove paint from metal surfaces in the form of a sheath
  • Ability to use the solution repeatedly
  • The use of biocompatible materials in the preparation of the solution
  • Due to the way of separating the paint from the desired surface and the possibility of smoothing the solution for reuse, the resulting paint waste can be disposed of much more easily and the environmental issues can be completely controlled.
  • This material has the ability to remove thick layers of paint, even blind and baked colors without damaging metal surfaces (rust).
  • This material has passed all safety, health and technical tests and standards in Iran Khodro Group and has been approved and used.
  • This solution is green and completely compatible with the environment.Based on standard tests, this solution does not contain any carcinogenic substances.