FGM has succeeded in offering electronic bolus for livestock farmers to measure variables inside the animal’s body.
Bolus is a smart tool that is swallowed by the animal. This tool can only be used for animals with rumen (cows, sheep, camels, whole rams, etc.). In terms of security, it is similar to an injectable microchip and can only be extracted by surgery. bolus can be used as an electronic identity. The appropriate volume has made it have various capabilities compared to other introduced elements. Depending on the type of bolus, mobility, measurement, temperature, GPS, and PH sensors are installed on it.
Due to its placement inside the body, it is the only element that can measure internal variables. By using the appropriate software package, the data of bolus can be used for identification, location detection, disease, estrus, pregnancy, delivery time, amount of water and feed consumption, and theft prevention.



Bolus’s applicator

The bolus applicator is used to put the bolus in the animal’s mouth.