FGM, Innovative in Smart Industry

FGM was initially formed in 2004, as a research group in university under the name of micromachining group. To provide higher professional services, Future Green Microsystems Inc. (FGM) was founded in 2016 and with the support of university faculties and industry experts. With continuous effort and perseverance and taking advantage of artificial intelligence, IoT and MEMS, FGM could provide a comprehensive and flexible system for 3P management of businesses. Instant access to information, making quick decisions and timely reactions for proactive management are only part of the results of using this comprehensive system for producers and industry owners.

FGM Your Partner in Smart industry

All the efforts of FGM are to reduce energy consumption, increasing operational capacity, reducing the unwanted breakdown, improving the efficiency of the industrial equipment while increasing the quality and reducing the production costs.

FGM Activates

FGM has published 17 patents so far and has focused on four main areas:

  • Smart monitoring (repair and maintenance, fleet management, livestock welfare and warehouse)
  • Design and manufacture of micro sensors (MEMS)
  • Chemical absorbent and spill kits
  • Mechatronics, automation and precision instruments


The Unique Features of FGM Company

  • Exclusive use of microtechnology knowledge
  • More than 20 years of experience in the production and manufacture of sensors
  • One of the top three companies in the field of smart factory, smart animal husbandry and smart warehousing
  • Benefiting from efficient, expert and professional human capital
  • Having a rich academic background


This Service Will Help Manufacturers to

  • Reduce your energy consumption by 15%
  • Increase the quality of their products by 10%
  • Increase your operational capacity by using real-time measurement up to 30%
  • Increase the efficiency of your equipment.
  • Reduce the consumption of spare parts and warehouse costs.
  • Have a comprehensive and flexible system for smart management.
  • Create easy and transparent conditions for coordination and exchange of information and increase the efficiency of their human resources.
  • Pay back your investment in a short time.