FGM products for electronic identification: A basis for smart livestock management and automation.

Injection microchip, also known as the animal RFID, is an identification tool assigning a unique electronic ID to livestock, poultry and fish. Electronic identifiers are the first step in intelligent animal husbandry. The casing is made of a biocompatible material. After injection they can be removed only by surgery. Their lifetime in the body is usually about 10 years with a reading range less than 10 cm without any need for battery. Their maximum tolerable temperature is about 70°C.  It is possible to add limited features like a small memory, temperature sensors or temperature/light switches in some variants. The temperature/light switch disables microchip if it is removed out of body.


Microchip specifications.

  • 134 kHz working frequency
  • Dimensions Ф 2.1*12mm
  • Casing material: biocompatible materials
  • No need for batteries (magnetic induction power supply)
  • Reading distance: Max. 10cm

Available packaging

Packing with needles

Packing with a syringe

Pack of one hundred

Microchip injection tools

Different tools can be used for microchip injection. These tools include: automatic injection gun with magazine, manual injection gun, applicator and syringe


Injection syringe
Manual injection gun
Automatic injection gun with magazine

The advantages of Injecting Microchip


Access to livestock files


Automatic daily recording of individual milking rate


Automatic daily measurement of individual weight gain

more information

Automatic daily total count and missing report

more information

Proof of the ownership


Theft prevention and illegal replacement


Automatic daily body temperature monitoring


Identifying the pure breeds of livestock