In large industries such as oil and gas, steel, petrochemical, cement and mining, main equipment and small components such as: sensors, motors, valves, heaters, fans, furnaces, tanks, pipes, etc. should work flawlessly to produce the desired product.

Many industries collect their data using human operators to fill their databases. This is very time-consuming and expensive. FGM intelligent monitoring systems helps industries such as mines, factories, airports or gas stations to continuously monitor temperature, vibration, oil pressure, humidity… in motors, gearboxes, bearings, equipment casing, conveyor belts, etc. This data will also help operators to monitor working conditions, predict the right maintenance time, avoid unexpected downtime and ensure proper operation.

FGM Smart Factory Products


The sensor measures the equipment performance by monitoring temperature, vibration, magnetic field, noise, etc. It sends the data to a server/cloud. Each data has a time stamp. The sensor may do some local analysis.

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Once the sensor data is received, the software analyzes the data and shows the engine operating conditions (history), how it was used, prediction of downtime and the alarms set by the operator.

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The gateway receives the sensor data and translate and transfer it to the server.

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