In large industries such as oil and gas, steel, petrochemical, cement and mining, critical equipment and infrastructure such as sensors, motors, valves, heaters, fans, furnaces, tanks, pipes, etc. must operate non-stop and with high precision. To provide the output desired by the industrial owners. Many industries collect their data using human operators, which is time-consuming and costly, or depend on systems that are unable to fill and update their data banks. Mines, factories and airport fueling stations will help to continuously measure temperature, vibration level, oil pressure, humidity, etc. in engines, gearboxes, pillow blocks, bearings, equipment body, conveyor belts, etc. take This data will also help operators monitor working conditions, predict the right time to repair, avoid damage, breakdowns, malfunctions, and ensure proper operation with high accuracy. In addition to factories, by means of these intelligent systems, in greenhouses, it is possible to be aware of the maintenance conditions of different flowers in terms of maintaining soil moisture, temperature and light, and to report the maintenance status of each flower, so that the gardener can know the humidity, light and temperature of each flower and inform its needs.

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data submission system

Transfer data to the software for analysis or alarm notification.

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After receiving the sensor data, the software will analyze it and based on that, it will inform about the operating conditions of the engine (history), how to use the engine, predicting the failure time and the alarms set by the operator.

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The work of the sensor is to measure the data of the equipment at the installation site. The sensor measures data such as location, vibration, magnetic field, noise, etc. and sends it to the Accesspoint.

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