Pelletization of Golgohar

Due to the size of the Golgohar complex, sometimes equipment failure may not be identified until the system fails. Every hour of stoppage of the complex can cause huge damage, and human power alone does not have the power to monitor all the equipment of this huge complex. This project, which took place in the 2nd pellet mill department of Gol Gohar Sirjan Company and was supervised by Nazem Avaran Company, focused on the monitoring of remote rotating equipment and failure reporting, abnormal condition alarms, and failure prediction in sensor installation locations.

Shiva Company (Sunich)

Human power may not be careful enough when working with dangerous equipment due to fatigue or inattention. Apart from the stoppage of the collection and the economic losses that can result in injury to the personnel, its human and psychological aspect is also effective in the work environment. The purpose of this project, which was carried out in the chewing gum extruder department of Shiva company, was to control personnel and prevent their dangerous behavior while working with dangerous devices. The wristband attached to the worker’s hand stops the machine and gives an alarm as soon as it sees a dangerous situation.


Scale is one of the important parts in generating income of a collection. Unfortunately, it can be seen that there are many cases of gross abuse in the weighing scale department. In this project, the goal was to monitor the weighing system and control the behavior of drivers along with automatic weight measurement. Scale data is transferred to the central system after measurement. The installed system also performs automatic calibration of the scale. Smart tags were used in this project.

Sarooj Boushehr

Monitoring equipment and predicting downtime is a concern of managers of large collections. This project was the implementation of a pilot and feasibility plan in Saroj Bushehr company. In this project, smart tags were installed on the electric motors of the furnace air system and their vibration and temperature were monitored remotely..

Pak milk

In companies whose transportation fleet is the vital artery of their revenue, fleet monitoring is very important. Contractors may turn off their refrigerator to save fuel or sign contracts with several companies at the same time and use the dedicated time to transport the goods of one company to transport the goods of another group. To these problems, you can add the damages caused to the collection due to bad driving and accidents or failure to deliver the goods on time. The purpose of the Shir Pak project was to implement a pilot plan and feasibility study for monitoring the traffic route, location and stopping time of each of the trucks in the fleet. In this project, drivers’ acceleration and braking, speed violations and accidents, and fuel consumption were monitored. Also, the conditions of transporting the goods in the refrigerator and the time and place of delivery of the goods were monitored. In case of traffic in unauthorized places, the system would give an alarm..

Sarooj Boushehr

Sometimes companies get their raw materials from two sources for which the driver’s fee is different. Due to the similarity of these materials, it is not possible to identify them after loading, and only if you monitor how the trucks travel, it will be determined where the origin of the cargo was. In this pilot project, the locations of trucks to transport cargo from the two eastern and western Gorpi, the loading and delivery location of the trucks were monitored and controlled, and the report was sent to the main system.

Microheater project

Microheaters are small heaters with high power and precise control that can provide temperatures in excess of 1000°C, even up to 1900°C. Microheaters provide precise high temperature control. The heating method of micro heaters is to convert electrical power into high density heat. These microstructures are used in various equipment such as electron microscopes, pressure cells, fuel cell heat source, electronic substrate heating, RF applications, gas microtube heating, optical fiber, smell sensors, material testing and identification, gas exchangers, etc. be. The goal of this project was to build a micro heater with a temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius in 30 milliseconds. With a voltage of 2.5 volts, this microheater creates a temperature of 400 degrees with a delay of 20 milliseconds.

Micro Gripper Project

Microgrippers play an important role in cell studies and research. How to catch cells, not damaging them during clamping and moving, and ease of working with it under the microscope are important points in the design of these micro grippers. The aim of this project is to design and build a microgripper for artificial insemination and cell fertility applications.

Shetab key project

The function of acceleration switches is to activate a system when a certain acceleration is reached. For example, in the car airbag, as soon as there is a heavy shock (accident), this switch is activated and the airbag works. Or in racing cars, the inertia switch is used to cut off the fuel flow during a crash or to suspend the car to prevent a fire. The purpose of this project was to make inertial keys and provide a method for their mass production in the country.

Accelerometer project

Inertial sensors are motion-sensitive sensors that are used to measure movement and direction from accelerometers, as well as for routing and navigation, pedometry, recognition of diseases, for the diagnosis of poultry treatment, steering devices in computer games, imaging and animation.