FGM Smart Monitoring System will help the livestock industry to monitor animal’s health and behavior such as activity level, food and water intake, milking, estrus…  as well as background history and tracking.

The daily report, is available on the farmer’s cell phone screen. It will help ranchers to reduce livestock raising costs up to 43%, methane emissions up to 30%, theft by 45% and cattle void by 10%.

This system will also increase the health of meat by eliminating the entrance of sick livestock into the food cycle and increase the quality of meat due to proper motility and feeding of livestock.


More accurate detection of estrus time

Reduction of cattle void

Theft reduction

Reducing methane emissions

Reduction in raising cost.

The benefits of using smart livestock

Identification of pure livestock breeders
Theft prevention
Food and water consumption
Health monitoring
Estrus & delivery time diagnosis
Access to animal file and background
Activity and location monitoring

Smart livestock products

Injectable microchip

Injection microchip, also known as the animal RFID, is an identification tool assigning a unique electronic ID to livestock, poultry and fish. Electronic identifiers are the first step in intelligent animal husbandry. Their reading range is less than 10 cm and they don’t need battery…

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Electronic bolus

E-Bolus is an intelligent tool devoured by animal. This tool is applicable only for livestock with rumen (cattle, sheep, camels…). Bolus has more capabilities in compared to the other elements introduced here…

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E-ear tag

The e-ear tag is installed on the livestock ear. In addition to electronic identification, it is equipped with different sensors (temperature, vibration, GPS…). Its data exchange rate is up to 20 meters and unlimited with sim card. Its ID is readable by eye….

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Poultry binding

It is installed on the foot/wing of poultries. It adjusts itself with the growth of chicken leg. The device assigns an E-ID to a poultry. It has a limited number of sensors (like temperature and gas). Its data exchange range is up to 50cm. It can be battery operated or not…

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Injection Gun

To inject microchips, an injection tool is required. The injection gun facilitates the microchip injection for large herds. Microchips are placed in the magazine and loaded to gun. Injection gun has several advantages…

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Additional tools

Software, Gateway and…

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