Today’s competitive environment and rising customer expectations have made manufacturers think of producing products with higher quality and lower cost. This work is not possible without automatic identification of objects, personnel, livestock and equipment and moment-by-moment data collection of their performance status for immediate decision making by the management. Data recording must be without human intervention and requires a system that can connect systems (connected factory) and valuable data through IoT, digital twin, simulation and augmented reality and in a word the fourth industrial revolution. Make decisions and increase productivity (cheap production, lower energy consumption, higher quality). For this reason, the future green microsystems company has put the field of industrial and livestock automation in its innovation priorities and has created solutions along with the hardware needed to create a connected intelligent industry. The intelligent monitoring system consists of five parts: data collection, data transmission, data analysis, decision making and data display.

This system can be implemented in four areas: smart factory, smart transportation, smart warehouse and smart livestock.