Despite all the efforts of industrialists, researchers and experts for safety in laboratories and industrial centers, spilling of chemicals is always possible and possible. Currently, due to the lack of suitable material, a large amount of water and cleaning agent is used to dilute and neutralize the spilled chemical to remove the danger and pollution during the accident. Pouring water on substances such as acids and bases increases their destructive power.

In addition, the use of water increases the volume of the substance and causes overflow and uncontrolled movement of the solution to places that are not desirable and in contact with some surfaces (metal, fabric, electric wire, water and gas pipes, etc.) causing damage and Decay and create secondary hazards.

To solve the problem, Rasa company has provided a neutralizer kit that, in addition to absorbing liquids, has the ability to neutralize acid. The kit can be easily removed after use, and there is no need to use water and cleaning materials to clean the environment (except for cleaning and beautifying the environment).


Spilling chemicals in the workplace

شرکت در حال حاضر این محصول را به چهار شکل  کیت لوله ای، کیسه , پد و  بالک ارائه می نماید که هریک کاربرد خاص خود را دارد.

pillow or bag


Tubular kit



The present product is produced by Rasa company in both dry (sand-like) and fibrous forms.

In case of spilling chemicals, a sufficient amount of it (in the form of a pillow, bulk, tubular kit or pad) is placed on the material. The type of kit absorbs any acid and base and neutralizes them as well. Then the neutralizer kit is collected with a broom and thrown into the bucket. After sweeping with soap and water, the intended area can be cleaned without worry to remove the traces of dirt left behind.

How to use spill kit:

1- When pouring a chemical substance, the speed of action is very important. The chemical spreads quickly after spilling. For this reason, it is better to block the area around the spill with a tube kit before any action to prevent the spread of the chemical.

This will give you enough time for any decision and action. It should be noted that the absorption capacity of the tubular kit is limited and it cannot be used for a long time to keep the material enclosed.

2- In the next step, the enclosed liquid should be absorbed. Block, roll, pad or pillow can be used to absorb the liquid contained in the tube kit. For clean rooms and sterile environments such as pharmaceutical laboratories and operating rooms, pads or pillows are used so that no more pollution is produced and the chemical substance enclosed between the rolls is absorbed. Using bulk in these places may cause pollution.

For public and non-sterile spaces such as workshops and production units where possible pollution caused by the spread of sand particles like bulk will not be a problem, bulk is used to absorb chemical substances.

Balk type is cheaper and more economical. But instead, more time should be spent when cleaning it. Bulk type is offered in 20 and 25 kg packages

3- At the end and after the environment returns to controlled conditions, the components of the neutralizer kit are collected.

The tube kit and pads are collected with gloves and placed in a special container. In case of using a balk, the remaining material is collected with the help of a broom and dustpan.